Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Four Months and Counting

On August 4th my girlfriend's daughter, Angie, successfully had twins. Lily was 5 lb 6 oz and Jackson was 5 lb. 15 oz. I held them both in the same hospital where we lost Parker & Gavin. Kayla's due date was this week and hearing Terri talk today about going to visit her twins was expecially difficult. I got to see Kayla and Chad Sunday at church and she showed me her beautiful intertwined rings inscribed with our angel babies names. When I get a part-time job intend to wear the same. Health issues with me worsening as is my lonliness. Try to remain hopeful and thankful that I have a/c. Saturday and Sunday the heat index was 100+.

Older son's wedding is just not the joyous occasion I imagined it would be when he was born. All I can think about is Chad, Kayla's and my pain over our recent loss of our babies.

The grief share picnic, visiting the Angel @ Blanchette, with family was a special day with perfect weather. Best part for me was releasing two blue balloons -with Parker & Gavin inscribed, and following in the perfect sky til I could see no more. . .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loved The Names in Sand

The mother of my first grandchildren send me a letter and requested I visit her blog approx. one week ago. At first I was hurt and now I understand. Touches my heart that she invited me into her feelings. First time viewing a blog and trying to figure out how to respond to her and add on to her blog to make comments.

Love her dearly and miss our babies, Chad Parker and Gavin David, identical twins that were here too briefly. Forever remembered and celebrated by those left behind.