Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Four Months and Counting

On August 4th my girlfriend's daughter, Angie, successfully had twins. Lily was 5 lb 6 oz and Jackson was 5 lb. 15 oz. I held them both in the same hospital where we lost Parker & Gavin. Kayla's due date was this week and hearing Terri talk today about going to visit her twins was expecially difficult. I got to see Kayla and Chad Sunday at church and she showed me her beautiful intertwined rings inscribed with our angel babies names. When I get a part-time job intend to wear the same. Health issues with me worsening as is my lonliness. Try to remain hopeful and thankful that I have a/c. Saturday and Sunday the heat index was 100+.

Older son's wedding is just not the joyous occasion I imagined it would be when he was born. All I can think about is Chad, Kayla's and my pain over our recent loss of our babies.

The grief share picnic, visiting the Angel @ Blanchette, with family was a special day with perfect weather. Best part for me was releasing two blue balloons -with Parker & Gavin inscribed, and following in the perfect sky til I could see no more. . .

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